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Roughrider Disposal, LLC is locally owned and operated with a purpose to provide the most reliable service and expertise in sustainable waste management for western North Dakota. In February of 2022, Roughrider Disposal, LLC acquired Chimney Butte Disposal, Smoky Butte Disposal, & Prairie Disposal from Waste Connections (NYSE: WCN), the 2nd largest solid waste company in the United States.

Roughrider Disposal, LLC is an advanced company founded by three very familiar names in the industry: Glenn Baranko, Byron Richard and Troy Girolamo. Glenn Baranko is the proud owner of his group of Baranko Companies, Center Coal Company, and Environmental Solutions Landfill. Byron Richard is a well known local farmer and rancher, and co-owner of Environmental Solutions Landfill. Troy Girolamo, otherwise known as G-Man, is the owner of G-Style Transport, G-Style Energy, and T2 Environmental.

Roughrider Disposal, LLC is equipped to provide crucial services to our industry. Services include Landfill-Waste Disposal, Land Treatment Process, Washouts, Oil Reclamation, Transportation, Closed Loop Equipment and Waste Collection, Production Water Disposal.

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