Special Oilfield Waste Disposal

Roughrider Disposal, LLC landfills are permitted as Oilfield Special Waste Disposals in North Dakota. There are three sites in North Dakota that Roughrider Disposal LLC operates. These are Prairie Disposal near Tioga, ND, Smoky Butte Disposal near Fortuna, ND, and the Chimney Butte Facility near Fairfield, ND. Wastes will be profiled before acceptance utilizing the companies waste data sheet. Special Oilfield Wastes for disposal consist of Exploration and Production Exempt wastes that are created from Oil and Gas processes excluded from the EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C definition. Wastes such as drill cuttings, contaminated soils from crude oil/natural gas drill locations, tank farm releases (non TENORM), solidified flowback material (non TENORM), and production water spills before transportation. 

Industrial/Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

Roughrider Disposal, LLC offers land fill disposal of nonhazardous industrial waste such as contaminated soil from pipeline leaks, transportation accidents/spills, construction debris, and solidified nonhazardous products. Additional testing, additional generator knowledge, SDS, and waste profiling may act as an additional source of information prior to acceptance.

Transportation Services

Roughrider Disposal, LLC offers in house transportation services for taking wastes from the generating location directly to disposal. G-Style Transport is the in-house transportation company for Roughrider Disposal, LLC. Approved solid waste transporters operating as third-party transporters may also be utilized as-well for in house transport dependent on needs of the client and amount of transportation required.

Waste Accepted & Unacceptable Wastes

Wastes will be profiled utilizing Roughrider Disposal LLC’s Waste Data Sheet. Roughrider takes care in determining the acceptance of waste and handling it the right way up front.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Must be solid enough to walk on
  • No Greater than 5 pCi/gm total Radium 226 and 228 (Test for in Minnesota no 3 day turn around)
  • No greater than 5 pCi/gm Lead 210
  • Any waste not meeting the RCRA E&P exemption (see Forms & Documents for more information) is subject to testing to confirm its nonhazardous status. This may include TCLP (Toxicity), BTEX, DRO, GRO, flashpoint, corrosivity and reactivity characteristics. Please contact us at (701) 300-1156 for the tests required for your wastes.

Wastes Accepted

  • Solidified Drill Cuttings
  • Pit Liners
  • Contaminated Soils from Crude Oil and Natural Gas Drill Locations
  • Tank Farm spills/releases (may require testing or radiation screening)
  • Pipeline leaks (may require testing)
  • Solidified Frac Flowback (may require radiation testing)
  • Construction Debris
  • Production Saltwater spills (may require testing or radiation screening)
  • Transportation spills: Oil, Diesel, Gasoline, Crude (probably requires testing)
  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank releases
  • Non-hazardous Industrial Wastes that have a soils type matrix (requires testing)
  • Cement and Asphalt (may require testing)
  • Demolition debris (requires inspection and may require testing)

Unacceptable Wastes

  • Hazardous Wastes
  • Trash
  • Liquids
  • Putrescible wastes
  • Animal carcasses, wastes or feed wastes
  • Steel, batteries appliances or other readily recyclable materials
  • Electronic wastes (TV’s radios etc.)
  • Mercury Containing Devices
  • PCB Oil contaminated materials
  • Ignitable or corrosives
  • Human Wastes
  • Infectious Wastes
  • Regulated Radioactive Wastes

Testing Chart

Depending on the way the waste was generated some testing may be utilized to determine acceptance into any of the three Roughrider Disposal, LLC Landfills.

No Testing

  • Exploration Waste: Primarily Drill Cuttings
  • Registered Underground Storage Tanks (UST’s)
  • Production Water Spills, except slow leaks.


  • See center of Waste Generator Certification
  • Slow, long term Crude or Production leaks
  • Frac or Unknown waste if Geiger counter responds


  • Crude no longer the property of the Producer
  • Transportation and Pipeline spills
  • Hydrocarbon related Industrial Waste including AST’s

TCLP: Metals and VOC’s

  • Crude no longer the property of the Prod
  • Transportation and Pipeline spills
  • Hydrocarbon related Industrial Waste including AST’s
  • Unknown Waste
  • Used Oils

TCLP: Semi-VOC’s

  • Industrial Waste from Farming operations
  • Industrial Waste from Farm Suppliers
  • City or County Dump removals
  • Unknown Wastes


  • For any Waste requiring GRO/DRO/BETX
  • Unknown Wastes
  • Used Oils


  • Unknown Wastes
  • Used Oils

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